Meet Sandra

First-what I know is that  relationships have rough patches, and people in those relationships often must make difficult,-and even agonizing, choices. It has been exciting for me to help people make choices freely, without guilt or anxiety, in the pursuit of true happiness.

Surviving change

It has also been exciting to help relationships survive growth periods during which one person changes, and the other doesn’t. With appropriate counseling and effort, neither partner need be left behind.

Surviving Fighting

Arguing is a part of every marriage.  Trust me, after over 30 years of practice, and even longer as part of a marriage, I know this to be true. Fortunately, my husband and I talked about our difficulties – sometimes incessantly — and decided to arrange special times to work on our lives together without the children and with no other distractions.  My passion in life has been helping people get through tough times.

Surviving infidelity

A particular challenge many couples face is unfaithfulness.  I have seen the pain that causes and am grateful that I’ve been able to assist spouses forgive one another and reconnect in a new, more meaningful way.

I want you to reach that place where real communication flows, where you both respect and trust each other, where you know you can depend on one another. It is wonderful to love someone for life and to know that that person will always be there for you. With marriage counseling, you too can have what you deserve in life, a trusting, loving, caring marriage where you can depend on the person you deeply love.

Don’t wait another day, when a real relationship is around the corner.  I’d love to help you get there. I’d love to help you attain the love, respect, and trust you deserve.



B.A. Boston University, cum laude with distinction in psychology 1965-1969
M.A. Boston University, 1969-1970
All but dissertation in clinical psychology Boston University, 1970-1974
Certified Child Custody and Divorce Mediator

Professional Associations:
American Counseling Association
Association for Conflict Resolution