Mother’s Day

Everywhere I went today I saw a dazzling array of flowers. For many, Monther’s Day will be a joyful celebration. I see something totally different in my office, unfortunately, I see other stories. Some people are still grieving over mothers who have passed on. There is something called an Anniversary Reaction, where people get depressed around the time of their mother’s death or on Mother’s Day or both. Grieving is normal but prolonged grieving is not healthy.

Marital problems are especially difficult to handle around holidays, any holiday. When marriages are struggling for any reason, holidays take a toll. People feel tense and go overboard if trying to save a marriage. The children, if still at home, feel the tension.

My solution is quite simple. Do something you do not usually do, go to dinner, visit family out of town, go to a park, anything that is not the same as every other Mother’s Day.

I hope this works for you so that you can have a Happy Mother’s Day. Thinking of all of you with hope.

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